Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re an owner / manager with salespeople that are awesome at follow-up, qualification, and closing; Lead Generation is for you.

If you’re an owner / manager without salespeople that can find, follow up with, present & qualify good fit prospects; Outsourced Sales is for you.

We have something for just about every size company and every size budget. Our sales team can find something that works for you. 

No, most reps have a few customer relationships that they leverage to find suppliers that will pay them a commission. They are usually taking on the sourcing function for the manufacturer and are not loyal to the supplier. We’ve developed a unique model that aligns us with the supplier. We built Factur to align us with our clients continuous and scalable growth, addressing the typical limitations of traditional Manufacturer’s reps.

We are a service-based company with a fee structure that incentivizes us to constantly find new customers for you. We have varying levels of service that are cheaper than hiring your own full-time sales rep or independent rep. The commission “Rep” model is outdated and ineffective. It incentivizes the reps to create too-big customers and to stay wedged between you and the customer. Learn more about how our non-commission-based approach is designed to ensure your long-term success and growth.

Factur is specifically for industrial mfg. We do not work outside of our industry. The name Factur is from the middle of the word manu-factur-ing. We’ve developed a complete database of US manufacturers and their decision-makers. We have data engineers on staff that can drill down on VERY niche customer criteria and find every one of them out there. Our people understand the dynamics of industrial decision-making and can qualify opportunities to make sure they’re real & within your sweet spot.

Contacting people at the time of need is critical. Email engagement works with people who are in need. By 10x turbocharging email efforts, your name and company get in front of more people in need. We’ve literally gotten positive responses from decision-makers at all levels including Fortune 500 CEOs.

•  Companies who know they want to grow but don’t have the resources
•  Companies who have tried hiring a in-house rep or a mfg rep with nominal results
•  Companies needing to diversify and scale the business

•  Companies with no affiliation to industrial mfg
•  Companies who are not looking to grow
•  Companies wanting to buy data for target prospects
•  Companies looking for market exposure for new products

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