Lead Generation For B2B Service Providers

Whether you recycle industrial materials, find skilled laborers, or source ways to move products around the world, the services you provide help support the industrial sector supply chain. Without high-quality sales leads, however, the value of what you do might go unnoticed.

Attract more clients to your business with Factur. Our data-driven lead generation capabilities help service providers connect with the people who can benefit from them.


Why take a targeted
approach to marketing?

Most business owners have a lot on their plates. Although their top priority is finding and winning new customers, they might not have the time or resources to do it effectively. Making inroads with clients who utilize the services you offer is incredibly beneficial for industrial service providers because it:

– Touts what you do within the industry
– Creates lasting relationships
– Drives future sales
– Saves times
– Reduces waste
– Develops the best response channels
– Boosts brand recognition

Being a service provider often means juggling responsibilities. Factur is here to alleviate the stress of lead generation for manufacturing service providers, helping grow your business while freeing you to focus on what you do best.

Put Factur to work

We have a team of savvy professionals who specialize in industrial sales & marketing services. Our comprehensive solutions give you access to new clients, avoiding low-value activities like cold-calling, networking with the wrong crowd, and burning time on social media.

To start, our experts work with you to understand what you do and your ideal client. After identifying these indicators, they share tools with your marketing team to expand your customer base and grow your business. These can include:

– Lead qualification
– Appointment setting
– Rapid inbound lead response
– Hyper-targeted lead lists
– Dead lead revival
– Lead nurturing

Trade show lead generation

If you’d prefer to focus on core business aspects, or you don’t have an existing sales staff, we’re happy to create bespoke lead generation processes that deliver sales-ready customers. Our experts can cover all aspects of your business-to-business sales prospecting needs.

Factur Solutions


Need help in hunting down customers? We got you covered.


Boost your online presence, expand your marketing reach, and attract more clients.

Why Choose Factur?

At Factur, we understand that your technical skills and knowledge make you experts in your field. However, when it comes to marketing and sales, it is something that you do because you have to. Wouldn’t it be great if you could devote your time to the work you love?

Using the latest industry data and our extensive connections, we can help your brand get noticed by the important decision-makers in your field. Our points of difference include:




We Cater to your Target Specific Accounts


Creating unique solutions and decisions


We help find business opportunities


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