Lead & Sales Generation For B2B Distributors

At Factur, we understand the importance of keeping your sales pipeline full. When you have a steady stream of clients, you can stop relying on one or two customers for the majority of your revenue.

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing industry take a more reactive approach to sales and may not have an existing sales team in place. All these factors can lead to problems if your current clients stop placing orders.

This problem was what led our Co-Founder, Gabe Draper, to start up Factur. In his former business, most of his revenue came from two large companies in the oil and gas sector. However, when that market had a significant downturn, the sales dried up, which led to a failed business and personal financial difficulties.


A Steady Stream of
High-Quality Leads

After identifying that consistent, quality lead generation is an Achilles heel for B2B industrial distributors, Factur was born. And now we aim to deliver quality lead gen to industrial businesses that often lack that capability. Our innovative and highly effective tools enable consistent and highly profitable lead generation for B2B distributors. We work with small and medium industrial distributors to help them fill their sales pipelines and scale their businesses. Our innovative prospecting tools and industry experts create a steady stream of high-quality leads that can drive sales for B2B distributors.

Delivering Consistent Sales Leads for Small Businesses​

The team of manufacturing sales experts at Factur specializes in finding sales leads for small businesses. Our comprehensive solutions give you access to new clients and decision makers without spending precious time networking or on social media.

Working alongside your sales team or decision makers, we can give you the tools to diversify your customer base and scale your business. And if you would rather focus more on the technical aspects of your business or don’t have an existing sales team, we can create bespoke lead generation processes for you that will deliver sales-ready customers to your business.

Our team of manufacturing sales experts can take care of all aspects of B2B prospecting for small businesses. 

Lead Generation →

Get your message directly to your ideal manufacturing customers. Build and develop a strategic pipeline.

Outsourced Sales Development →

Gain access to a dedicated team of experts who specialize in identifying and engaging with your target audience to set appointments with qualified prospects.

Outsourced Business Development →

Get qualified business opportunities with sales-ready customers. Spend less time qualifying and more time time pitching.


Companies We Serve

Unlike other lead generation companies, we focus on the needs of industrial distributors that offer products such as:

Why Choose Factur?

At Factur, we understand that your technical skills and knowledge make you experts in your field. However, when it comes to marketing and sales, it is something that you do because you have to. Wouldn’t it be great if you could devote your time to the work you love?

Using the latest industry data and our extensive connections, we can help your brand get noticed by the important decision-makers in your field. Our points of difference include:


Data Factury

We have a long line of client testimonials, here are a few, if you're serious about our services, we can let you talk to some of them. Careful, pretty much everyone comes on board once they talk to our clients!


We Cater To Your Target Specific Accounts

Our system works seamlessly with your existing sales processes to create very niche targeting strategies that will help you develop new and existing sales pipelines.


Precision Built Lead Generation Process

Our four-step lead generation process helps identify potential clients and then engage them through multiple channels. Our sales team will engage and nurture clients so that we can effectively identify sales-ready clients that want to get on a call with one of your team.


We Help Find Business Opportunities

Our laser-focused processes and industry experts help you identify new opportunities and achieve high-volume growth.


Meet Our Clients

We have a long line of client testimonials, here are a few, if you're serious about our services, we can let you talk to some of them. Careful, pretty much everyone comes on board once they talk to our clients!

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Need help in hunting down customers? We got you covered.


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