Meet The Team

Meet the Dream Team! Experienced, technically savvy, articulate, dynamic, engaging, and smart.


Adam Wood

Business Development - Dallas Team

Adam loves Rhonda, playing cards, coffee, and the Dallas Cowboys. He joined Factur in 2020 after 5 years in industrial automation sales.


Chris Cooper

Business Development - Dallas Team

Chris is married to Courtney and father to Chloe, Cheyenne, and Charlotte. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to go on adventures with his family!


Elijah Condellone

VP of Recruiting - Indianapolis Team

Elijah is married to Crystal, father to Briton and Gracie. His personal interests include Faith, American History, boating, eating a great meal with friends, and politics.


Briton Condellone

Sales Rep - Indianapolis Team

Briton enjoys staying busy with the best job in the world at Factur, coaching volleyball, and traveling. Briton enjoys hiking with friends and most importantly going to church to grow his relationship with God.


Aleksandra Todorovic

Customer Service - European Team

Aleksandra is Married to Srdjan, in love with traveling, sun, sea, and waterfalls.


Irena Dobos

Data Analyst - European Team

Irena is married to Levente. She visited 72 countries and likes to spend time with family. She also enjoys roller skating and skydiving.


Darryl Mechell

Prospecting Team Lead - Dallas Team

Darryl is married to Natalie, father to Abram & Suriah. He enjoys being active with his family and loves Rocky Road ice cream!


Carl Wittrig

Financial Operations Manager - Indianapolis Team

Carl is a married to Hannah, father to Elias and Collier, foster dad, and baseball fan!


Alejandro Barahona

Business Development Prospector - Dallas Team

Alejandro is a follower of Christ. He enjoys spending time with his family, loves playing soccer, reading charts for the stock market, fishing, watching sports, and taking Mia (pup) on long walks!


Srdjan Todorovic

Lead Generation Operations Lead - European Team

Srdjan is Married to Aleksandra, has two great brothers, and played basketball for 20 years.


Maja Banjac

Data Analyst - European Team

Marijana is married to Milos and they are parents to divine Kalina. She adores children, ice cream, and traveling with her husband Milos.


Miljan Todorovic

VP of European Operations - European Team

Miljan is the brother of Srdjan and Vukasin. He has lived in 4 countries and enjoys travelling, snowboarding and surfing.


Bogdan Knezevic

Data Analyst - European Team

Bogdan is the brother of a wonderful younger sister Bogdanka. He loves nature and fishing and adores playing basketball.


Ugljesa Popov

Lead Generation Operations Analyst - European Team

Ugljesa loves skiing and BBQing in nature, as well as traveling the world.


Milos Banjac

Outsourced Prospecting Operations Lead - European Team

Milos was professional referee and soccer player. He enjoys in sports and spending time with his wife Marijana and their daughter Kalina.


Luke Nealley

Director of Client Strategy - Indianapolis Team

Luke is married to Hanna who is way out of his league. He is always looking for a good conversation around a bonfire, enjoys playing guitar, and more recently took up disc golf.


Lydy Quijada

Sales and Networking Groups Support - Philippines

Lydy is married to Jonathan and has one daughter, Nikki. She has a special love for books and coffee. When she’s not working, she spends most of her time playing badminton with her daughter, reading and catching up on her favorite Netflix shows.


Petar Simonovic

Data Analyst - European Team

Petar likes to spend time in nature. He is a fan of music production. Loves sports, traveling and hanging out.


Milica Popovic

Data Analyst - European Team

Milica is married to Slobodan. She has visited 4 continents. Loves art, enjoys the sea and nature. The purpose of life is life with a purpose and all the things that makes you happy.


Mark Ahern

Director of Outsourced Prospecting - Indianapolis Team

Mark is married to Cali and father to Emma, Lauren, and Matthew. He loves the outdoors, cooking, fishing, and spending time with his family and friends.


Stefan Milinic

Marketing Designer - European Team

Stefan is a creative designer that enjoys traveling, bike riding, and hiking. Along side that he plays guitar and likes to jam.


JD Thomas

Client Strategist - Dallas Team

JD is a follower of Christ and married to Dorsey, the love of his life. He enjoys most sports, outdoor activities, playing music and deep conversations with really good coffee.


Helena Sisic

Data Analyst - European Team

Helena is the mother of a lovely girl Katarina and sister of Irena. Likes to go skating with her daughter and enjoy spending time with family.


Eli Garcia II

Business Development Prospector - Dallas Team

Eli is married to (and madly in love with) Tori and father to the amazing Tripp & Charlie. He loves Jesus, running, craft beers, Dallas Cowboys, and getting out to the range. His favorite cake is pie.


Rastko Todorovic

Data Analyst - European Team

Rastko loves sports, especially volleyball, music and hanging out with friends. He has a sister, Masa, and three brothers.


Dragana Cvetkovic

Data Analyst - European Team

Married to Nemanja and mother to Kalina and Sofija. Im in love with traveling, swimming and cooking.


Vukasin Ponjavusic

Digital Marketing Specialist - European Team

Married to Ivana, father to Anja. He enjoys fishing and Mountain Biking.


Amanda Nichols

Client Strategist - Indianapolis Team

Amanda is married to Steve, the love of her life. She has more hobbies than time and enjoys learning new things. In her free time, you can often find her gardening, sewing, painting or sipping wine with friends.


Michael Gieger

Business Development Prospector - Indianapolis Team

Michael is the proud husband to Gabrielle and father to Gwen. Other than spending time with his family he enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing. A good beer and book can keep his attention though too.


Chris Soboslay

Recruiting Manager - Indianapolis Team

Chris is married to his better half, Janelle, who have two amazing girls, Everly and Amelia. He enjoys being outdoors, hiking, woodworking, and spending time with his family and friends.


Randy Evans

Business Development Prospector - Dallas Team

Randy is the proud husband to his wife Leslie and father to his children Mackenzie, Reece, Adeline and Donovan. He is an avid Crossfit-er and really enjoys hunting, running, camping and spending as much time as we can with his family.


Tony Haight

Director of Operations - Indianapolis Team

Tony is married to his amazing wife Darci and is a devoted father to three beautiful girls, Sofia, Annabella and Amelia, and our fourth on the way! He enjoys being outdoors however, when not roaming the wilderness you can find him out on the golf course and or at the ballpark, passion for baseball runs deep in his family. “LGM!”


Matt Casburn

Recruiting Manager - Indianapolis Team

Matt is married to Katy and father to Wesley. He loves football, hiking, biking, rock-hunting at Lake Michigan, good food and coffee, and most importantly, spending time with his family.


Josh Hobson

Business Development Prospector - Indianapolis Team

Josh is married to Maree, father to Jade, Madden, Meredith, and Bo. Loves hanging out with family and watching football. Josh likes good drinks, good conversation, and good people.


Reilly Stauffer

Business Development Prospector - Indianapolis Team

Reilly loves to hang out with friends, work out, play sports, and enjoy being outdoors.


Dylan Calder

Sales Development Representative - Dallas Team

Dylan is engaged to this amazing woman, Ashley. A former Professional Arena Football player who loves Christ, fishing, sports, and a good laugh with friends


Sanja Mudric

Data Analyst - European Team

Sanja is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Branimir. She loves spending time with her friends and family, running, biking, and traveling.


Jelena Cvijovic

Data Analyst - European Team

Jelena is married to David and mother to Luka, Mateja and Teodora. She adores her family, godparents, and friends, as well as all the activities that involve them.


Kyle Plumlee

Business Development Prospector - Indianapolis Team

Kyle is married to Jenn and they have four boys – Jack, Maverick, Griffy and Bo. He loves outdoor adventures with his family – hiking, biking and being on the water. Apart from quality time with family and friends, he enjoys a good competition and a good book.


Chris Grote

Client Strategist - Indianapolis Team

Chris is married to Sydney. He enjoys quality time with friends and family, playing board games, and a good whiskey.


Phil Rhein

Business Development Prospector - Indianapolis Team

Phil and his family enjoy spending time together on road trips, cooking, and discovering new music.


Stephanie Slater

Executive Administrator

Stephanie is mother to Abigayle and Keely. She enjoys traveling, being outside, and reading. Above all she is a follower of Christ.


Daniel King

Northeast Business Development Manager

Daniel is based out of Philadelphia, PA and is an avid Philly sports fan. In his spare time he enjoys being active, playing music, and cooking. He is also passionate about animals, and fosters police dogs in-training through the University of Pennsylvania.


Allie Hawkins

Sales Development Representative

Allie comes to Factur with a strong background in Sales. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Archie and Oliver. She likes to travel and is always up for an adventure. In her free time, you can find her creating an art project, working on her house, and spending time with her family. 


Aleksandar Cavic

Data Analyst - European Team

Aleksandar is married to Svetlana and father to Vasilije. He is big fan of cycling and swimming.


Gabe Draper

Chief Prospecting Officer / Co-Founder - Dallas Team

Gabe is a Christ-Follower, he’s married to Kristen and has a son, Brecken, aside from family and Factur he’s a pretty avid road cyclist.


Caleb Townsend

Chief Referral Officer / Co-Founder - Indianapolis Team

Caleb Townsend is the Co-Founder of Factur and has been in industrial sales and marketing for over 10 years. He and his wife, Erin, have 3 children: Nora, Grant and Ayla. In his free time, you will find Caleb and his family going hiking, at the lake, or biking on the monon trail in Indiana. Above all, Caleb is a follower of Christ!

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