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Stand out from competitors and captivate your audience with a website that tells a compelling brand story. As the central hub of your online presence, your website showcases your unique value proposition, communicates your brand’s personality, and creates a memorable and impactful experience for visitors. Let Factur help set your business apart from the competition and drive your online success with our expert website development solutions.

manufacturing website development services

What to Expect

Through our comprehensive discovery process, we ensure your complete buy-in before any web development begins. With expert strategy setting, SEO analysis, and competitive research, we craft a differentiated website that aligns with your goals. From captivating content writing to stunning design and seamless site development, we deliver a tailored website that leaves a lasting impression.

Part 1: Discovery

Pre-work will bring you confidence that before anything is developed, you are completely bought in to content and web design that Factur will deliver.






You will begin with an onboarding form and an in-depth onboarding call to help us to get off to a good start.

Collaborative Strategy Setting

Factur will collaborate with team members internally to review your onboarding call and set a direction.

SEO & Competitive Research

We will conduct an SEO analysis & competitive analysis to understand how to structure your website content & wireframe.

Discovery Workshop

You’ll join us for a discovery workshop where we will present our findings and find alignment with your team.

Part 2: Execution

With a sitemap, brand story, and strategy in-hand, we will execute content, prototyping, and website delivery.

Content Writing

✔️ On-brand messaging
✔️ SEO focus language

Design & Prototyping

✔️ Mockups
✔️ Creative Elements
✔️ Revisions
✔️ Clickable Prototype

Site Development

✔️ WordPress Installation
✔️ Security
✔️ Integrations
✔️ Page Builds

Go Live

✔️ Launch your website
✔️ Begin site maintenance
✔️ Ongoing SEO report


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