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Why Factur?

Factur helps industrial companies find customers to grow revenue & diversify.

We were born in a small job shop. From there we purpose-built our services to help manufacturing suppliers take control of their revenue. We engineered the team, technology, database, and processes to give B2B manufacturing companies of all sizes a consistent and scalable sales strategy.


Industrial Hunting Experts

We built the dream team! Experienced, technically savvy, articulate, dynamic, engaging, smart.


Hyper Niched Targeting

Nothing is too specific, we're used to finding unique, niche, technical work based on custom criteria.


Data Factury

We compiled every US manufacturer and most of their contacts. Data is our raw material. That's why a third of our team is focused on building the best manufacturing database on the planet. 20 million monthly touches with prospects gives us a lot of insight.

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Industrial Sales &
Marketing Services

Gabe Draper on the left, Caleb Townsend on the right, 2021 Indianapolis, IN

Built by job shop guys
to solve a common problem.

Gabe Draper

In 2015, Gabe Draper was 9 years into running his machine shop, he was growing and profitable until his biggest customer pulled the plug essentially closing him down overnight and totally wiping him out financially. Gabe's problem was a common one, he was not in control of his growth, he was reactive rather than proactive. This led Factur to build industrial sales & marketing services to help other owners avoid this fate.

Caleb Townsend

Caleb Townsend was introduced to contract manufacturing sales in 2012 as a sales and marketing manager. He faced the problem a lot of sales reps in these roles face in the lack of tools, data, systems, and network! Developing his own systems, he helped lead that company to 160% growth over the next several years. Those same strategies and ideas are deployed in Factur's Networking Groups and further manufacturing lead generation service offerings.


How we can help you

Simply put, we've got your back when it comes to customer acquisition. Whether it's hunting for prospects or strengthening your online presence, we take care of the heavy lifting. Our goal is to put you in front of the right decision-makers. Using a powerful combination of calling, emailing, data analysis, and digital advertising tools, we ensure that your message reaches prospects across all touchpoints. With us, you can focus on what you do best while we handle the outreach and website strategy, making sure you're always ahead of the game.


Need help in hunting down customers? We got you covered.


Boost your online presence and attract more manufacturing clients.


Meet Our Clients

We have a long line of client testimonials, here are a few, if you're serious about our services, we can let you talk to some of them. Careful, pretty much everyone comes on board once they talk to our clients!

Who We Help

Small and Midsize Manufacturers


Metal Fabrication • Machining • Thermoforming • Stamping • Plastic Fabrication • Assembly • Control Panels • Specialty Machinery • Coatings • Electrical • Rapid Prototyping

Industrial Distributor


Metals • Equipment • Tooling • Components • Plastics • Supplies • Software • Automation • Material Handling • Packaging • Electronics • Mechanical • Power Transmission • Chemicals • Lube & Oil • Compressed Air

Engineering and Consulting Firms

Engineering &
Consulting Firms

Design Engineering • Quality System • Process Improvement • System Integration • Product Development • Tooling Design • Automation • Electrical Design • Control Design • Coatings • Electrical • Rapid Prototyping



Materials Recycling • Maintenance & Repair • Facility Services • Staffing & Labor

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