Sales and Marketing Agency for B2B Manufacturing

We’ve built services for industrial companies of all sizes with all types of budgets. Some companies have salespeople and need more leads from referrals or our outbound prospecting. Other clients don’t have salespeople with the hunting skills needed to go out and bring in new customers. 

We have sales and marketing services to address these needs, all built around our Factur industrial Matrix which includes every US company and 80% of the target contacts. We’re able to target companies based on very specific niches.

sales and marketing agency for manufacturing

Industrial Hunting Experts

We built the manufacturing sales dream team. Experienced, technically-savvy, articulate, dynamic, engaging, and smart.


Hyper Niched Targeting

Nothing is too specific. We're used to finding unique, niche, technical work based on custom criteria.


Data Factury

We compiled every US manufacturer and most of their contacts. Data is our Raw Material, that's why 1/3 of our team is focused building the best manufacturing database on the planet. 20 million monthly touches with prospects gives us a lot of insight.

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We exist to help you Be The Factur that makes your company great.


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Factur has a wealth of knowledge of sales in B2B manufacturing.

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