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Your salespeople are highly technical. They’re great at talking shop. Unfortunately, that’s only half the battle. First, they have to get in front of the right people at the right time to start the conversation. That’s where we come in.

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What we do

Simply put, we hunt for customers for you… every day. We do all the hard work to get your sales team in front of qualified decision-makers at the types of manufacturing plants you sell to. We use our internal prospecting database (known as the DATA FACTURY) and state-of-the-art marketing tools to generate high-quality sales-ready leads for your sales team. We also specialize in finding quality sales leads for your small business that's guaranteed to bring promising results to your small business needs.

As your Lead Generation Partner, we strive to help you.

Who We Help

Small and Midsize Manufacturers

Contract Manufacturers

Metal Fabrication • Machining • Thermoforming • Stamping • Plastic Fabrication • Assembly • Control Panels • Specialty Machinery • Coatings • Electrical • Rapid Prototyping

Industrial Distributor


Metals • Equipment • Tooling • Components • Plastics • Supplies • Software • Automation • Material Handling • Packaging • Electronics • Mechanical • Power Transmission • Chemicals • Lube & Oil • Compressed Air

Engineering and Consulting Firms

Engineering &
Consulting Firms

Design Engineering • Quality System • Process Improvement • System Integration • Product Development • Tooling Design • Automation • Electrical Design • Control Design • Coatings • Electrical • Rapid Prototyping


Our 4-Step Lead Generation Process


Our 4-Step Lead Generation Process


Hear what our clients have to say

We have a long line of client testimonials, here are a few, if you're serious about our services, we can let you talk to some of them. Be careful, pretty much everyone comes on board once they talk to our clients!

Lead Generation FAQs

No, Factur does not operate on a commission basis for lead generation services. Instead, we use a structured internal incentive system that rewards our account managers based on the longevity and significant successes of your account, making sure our goals align with your long-term growth and satisfaction. Learn more about our non-commission-based approach.

Our approach to lead generation is highly customized, focusing on highlighting the unique problems your business can solve within the manufacturing industry. By targeting specific industries, geographies, titles, and company revenues, we ensure high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales.

Through meticulous targeting and personalized messaging, coupled with continuous client feedback, Factur makes sure that the leads you receive are the ones most likely to convert into meaningful business opportunities. Leveraging our extensive database and expertise, we guide you towards strategies that expand your reach to potential prospects you may not have previously considered, expanding your opportunities and client network. 

Yes! Diversifying your customer base is crucial for sustained growth. Factur excels in this area by providing scaled and targeted outreach, giving you opportunities with prospects from a variety of industries. Many of our clients have discovered new markets and customer segments they hadn’t considered before, thanks to our strategic approach.

Our process begins with an in-depth understanding of your business, followed by the creation of a tailored outbound email strategy. We handle everything from launching email campaigns to nurturing leads until they’re ready to get more information. This comprehensive process requires patience, salesmanship, follow-up, and continuous feedback from you to ensure success.

We understand that every business has unique goals and challenges. Whether you’re looking to break into new markets, deepen relationships within your existing customer base, or re-engage with past clients, our services are tailored to meet those specific needs. Our strategies are designed to help you achieve your specific sales and growth objectives.

Our clients typically see initial leads within 2 months and initial purchase orders within 7-11 months. However, this can vary greatly by industry, price point, and your offer. The success of our lead generation campaigns is measured not just by the volume of leads but by the quality and the ability of those leads to move through your sales process. We’re committed to continuously improving our strategies based on your feedback.

At Factur, success is measured not just in lead volume, but in the quality and progression of those leads through your sales funnel. We’re committed to providing leads that not only fill your pipeline but also move through it.

If you’re ready to take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level, Factur is here to help. Prepare to engage with us by identifying your perfect prospects and thinking about the unique problems you solve. Our team is ready to craft a strategy that will help you achieve your goals and grow your revenue.


Factur Lead Generation

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