Why Our Non-Commission-Based Model Works for You

As someone seeking a reliable sales and business development partner, you might be evaluating different models, including commission-based ones. It’s natural to question how a non-commission-based approach like Factur’s aligns with your interests. 

manufacturing professional in a machine shop

Let’s dive into how our approach not only aligns with your success but also creates a more sustainable and effective partnership.

Our Account Managers are Incentivized on Your Success 

Our account managers are deeply invested in the success of your account. This isn’t driven by commission but through a structured internal incentive system. Here’s how it works:

Our Account Managers are rewarded for longevity.

The longer an account is with us, the more our account managers benefit. This system encourages them to ensure your continued satisfaction and success.

Our Account Managers are rewarded for major wins.

When our clients achieve significant milestones or secure big requests for quotations (RFQs), our account managers are rewarded. This bonus is linked to the opportunities they help create, not just the ones that convert, underlining our commitment to generating valuable opportunities for you.

Our Real ‘Skin in the Game’ is Our Reputation

Our most significant investment is our reputation within the manufacturing industry. We understand that manufacturers talk to each other. If we were only interested in short-term gains without delivering effective solutions, our business wouldn’t have thrived. Your success reflects directly on us, making your positive results our top priority.

Comparing Factur to Manufacturer’s Reps

Often, businesses consider manufacturer’s representatives, who typically work on a commission basis. While this might seem like a safer or more familiar option, there are critical differences to consider:

Manufacturer’s Reps may lack consistent results.

Manufacturer’s reps are not always obligated to deliver results. Their commission-based structure doesn’t guarantee a consistent effort toward your business growth.

We aim for long-term strategy over short-term gains.

While reps might leverage existing contacts, Factur builds a system designed for your long-term self-sufficiency. This process takes time and dedication, which is why we’re compensated for our sustained efforts, unlike the uncertain and variable costs of commission-based models.

Our fees are designed for long-term growth and predictability.

Investing in a system like ours might seem more substantial initially, but it’s designed to yield increasing returns over time. Unlike hiring an individual where costs escalate with raises, our fees remain consistent while your return on investment grows. Plus, with Factur, you avoid the unpredictability of commission-based costs that can escalate without notice.

Conclusion: A Partnership for Sustainable Growth

Choosing Factur means investing in a partnership geared towards sustainable growth and success. Our account managers are motivated by your ongoing success, and our business thrives on the strength of our reputation. While the idea of commission-based models may seem safe, our approach offers a structured, predictable, and effective path to long-term growth.